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#summary A short guide explaing flags and how to create and use them

= Flags =
== Explanation of flags ==
Flags are little rectangular images shown in the team bar as a team’s symbol.

== Creating flags ==
To create a flag, draw a PNG image (without transparency) of size 22×15 pixels.

To install a flag, put it into `Data/Graphics/Flags` of the Hedgewars data directory.

The file name must have “.png” at the end, the file suffix will not be shown in Hedgewars. Depending on the name, the flag will be displayed in different ways in Hedgewars:

 * Default flag: The flag “`hedgewars.png`” (shows a hedgehog), flag of new teams.
 * Computer flag: The flag “`cpu.png`”. It is shown for computer-controlled teams in place of the selected flag in the team editor, together with an overlay of 1 to 5 bars designating the strength of the team. This flag is not shown in the team editor.
 * The flag “`cpu_plain.png`”. It is currently unused by Hedgewars and is not shown in the team editor.
 * Community flags: The flags whose file name starts with “`cm_`” are listed as “community flags” in Hedgewars (the prefix is removed)
 * National flags: All other flags

Please note that the flags “`hedgewars.png`”, “`cpu.png`”, “`cpu_plain.png`”, a couple of community flags and national flags come pre-installed with Hedgewars. If you use a flag of an identical name in your Hedgewars user data directory, Hedgewars will show that one instead of the system-wide installed flag. That way, you can customize the default flag, for example.

== Flag display ==
Flags are *not* exactly displayed as the original image. In the game, the 4 pixels in each corner of the flag will always be “hidden” for the “round corner” effect. This is a very minor effect but might be important to remember.

Only in the team editing menu the flags are displayed with all pixels.

== Sharing flags ==
Custom flags (flags which are not part of the official Hedgewars installation) are only visible to other players if they have the flag installed under the same file name.

In case the other player does not have the custom flag installed, the player will see the default `hedgewars.png` flag instead.

You are encouraged to share your flags in the thread “[http://www.hedgewars.org/node/1898 Flags! additions, submissions, information.]”, where submissions are being considered for official inclusion into Hedgewars.