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#summary Instructions for building Hedgewars on Windows
#labels Phase-Implementation,Phase-Design,Phase-Support

= Building on Windows =

== Things to download ==
First of all, figure out whether your system is a 32-bit or a 64-bit system. You can use the guide at []. You will only be able to make a 64-bit build on a 64-bit system. 32-bit builds can be made on both 32-bit and 64-bit systems.

== Required Tools ==
Choose either 32-bit or 64-bit depending on your system and which build you want to make.

 # CMake: click either *Windows win64-x64 Installer* or *Windows win32-x86 Installer*
  * Link:
 # Visual Studio: click *Download Visual Studio → Community 2019* (earlier version starting from Community 2015 Update 3 might also work)
  * Link:
 # Vcpkg
  * Link:
 # !FreePascal
  * 32-bit compiler: click *Windows 32-bit*
   * Link:
  * 64-bit compiler (necessary for 64-bit builds, bundled with Lazarus IDE): click *Windows (64-bit)*
   * Link:
 # Mercurial: pick one (!TortoiseHg has a GUI and is more user-friendly)
  * !TortoiseHg: Chose one based on your OS version
   * Link:
  * Command-line mercurial
   * Link:

== Setup ==
 # Install CMake, but please *ensure* you select "Add CMake to the system PATH for all users", so you can run CMake directly from the command line.
 # Install !FreePascal / Lazarus IDE. Add the directory containing `fpc.exe` to the `PATH` environment variable (either user or system).
 # Install !VisualStudio, ensuring the *Workloads → Desktop development with C++* and *Language packs → English* options are selected.
 # Install Vcpkg by following the instructions under *Quick Start* section on the project page. If you don't have Git, use the *Clone or download → Download ZIP* option and extract the ZIP file. Create `VCPKG_ROOT` environment variable pointing to the directory you've cloned/extracted it to.
 # Install !TortoiseHg / Mercurial
 # Restart the computer
 # Download the Hedgewars source code:
  # Using !TortoiseHg:
   * Right-click in any folder on your computer
   * Select Tortoise HG → Clone.
   * In the _Source_ textbox, enter:
   * Press "clone"
  # Using command-line Mercurial
   * If you have Windows 7 or later, skip the next 3 steps, and instead, use Shift + Right-click in the folder where you want to download the source.
   * Start _Run..._ ( Press Windows key + R, or click on the Start menu, then on "Run ..." )
   * Enter: `cmd.exe`
   * Navigate to where you want to download the source
   * Type and execute (The initial clone of the repository will take a while): `hg clone trunk`
 # Navigate to the Vcpkg directory in the command line and build the necessary libraries (this will also take a while, especially for Qt). The command is:
  * For 32-bit builds: `.\vcpkg.exe install sdl2 sdl2-image sdl2-ttf sdl2-mixer sdl2-mixer[libvorbis] sdl2-net physfs openssl qt5-base qt5-tools ffmpeg`
  * For 64-bit builds: `.\vcpkg.exe install sdl2:x64-windows sdl2-image:x64-windows sdl2-ttf:x64-windows sdl2-mixer:x64-windows sdl2-mixer[libvorbis]:x64-windows sdl2-net:x64-windows physfs:x64-windows openssl:x64-windows qt5-base:x64-windows qt5-tools:x64-windows ffmpeg:x64-windows`
 # Build Hedgewars
  * Run the Developer Command Prompt for VS 2019 (or other installed version) from the Start menu (if you want Hedgewars to install to the default location in `C:\Program Files (x86)`, run it as administrator).
  * For 64-bit builds, in the dev command prompt run the following command (not necessary for 32-bit builds): `VC\Auxiliary\Build\vcvarsall.bat amd64`
  * Navigate to `<hedgewars_root>\tools` where `<hedgewars_root>` is the directory where you cloned the repository source to.
  * Run `build_vcpkg.bat` script
 # After building, you can run Hedgewars from the installed location (default is `C:\Program Files (x86)\hedgewars\hedgewars.exe`)

== Caveats ==
 # The linker from 64-bit FPC included in the Lazarus IDE might occasionally fail, producing `hwengine.exe` filled with zeroes. If this happens, just delete it and re-run `tools\build_vcpkg.bat` again (or run `nmake hedgewars` in the root directory to only rebuild the engine)