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#summary How to build the official server (WIP)

NOTE: This guide is a work in progress!

== The official server ==

The "official" server has some additional features over "normal" servers. Most notably, the "official" server saves replays and the `/watch` command in the lobby.

Internally, this is just a `#define` that can be triggered on. It is possible to build a clone of the official server, but it is tricky (and not really documented yet).

== How to build the official server ==

*NOTE*: This guide is INCOMPLETE and UNTESTED!

First, make sure to define the symbol `OFFICIAL_SERVER` before building the server. 

For the official server, you need the normal dependencies for the Hedgewars server plus a couple of additional Haskell dependencies. See `gameServer/hedgewars-server.cabal` in the source code repository for a list.

As soon you built the official server, you need to set it up.

In the same directory with `hedgewars-server`, create a file named `hedgewars-server.ini`. Add the following dummy contents:

bans = []
dbHost = localhost
dbLogin = hedgewars
dbName = hedgewars
dbPassword = password
sv_latestProto = 51
sv_message = Hi