Better explanation of Goals
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Better explanation of Goals
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  * <tt>Map = "Bamboo"</tt> - the map being played
  * <tt>Theme = "Bamboo"</tt> - the theme to be used
  * <tt>!MapGen</tt> - type of map generator. One of `mgRandom`, `mgMaze`, `mgPerlin`, `mgDrawn`.
- * <tt>Goals = "Jumping is disabled"</tt> - if you want to add info to the game mode dialog, use "|" to separate lines
+ * <tt>Goals = "Jumping is disabled"</tt> - Use this to add additional text to the goal text popup shown at the beginning and when using the quit or pause keys. The text is added to the default text which usually explains the game modifiers and does not replace it. Use “`|`” for line breaks. Also, all text before and including a “`:`” in a line will be highlighted. See also ShowMission
  * <tt>!TemplateFilter</tt> - _unknown meaning_
  * <tt>!TemplateNumber</tt> - _unknown meaning_
  * <tt>!MapFeatureSize</tt> - Used by random maps to determine its “curvyness” or complexity. This value can be set by the user with the slider under the random map preview in the game setup screen. The user-set value ranges from 1 (leftmost position) to 25 (rightmost position).
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 === <tt>!ShowMission(caption, subcaption, text, icon, time)</tt> ===
 Use to tell the player what he is supposed to do. If you use this function, a mission pop-up is shown for the amount of time specified in `time` (in milliseconds).
+This function replaces the *entire* text of the pop-up. Compare this to the global `Goals` variable, which *adds* to the default text without replacing it.
 `caption` is the text displayed in the first line, `subcaption` is displayed in the second line and `text` is the text displayed in the third and following lines.