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updated to the current build process
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 * [http://freepascal.org/down/source/sources.var FreePascal] (Latest (stable) version will do)<br>
 * [http://www.libsdl.org/tmp/android-project.zip SDL]<br>
 * [http://www.lua.org/ftp/lua-5.1.4.tar.gz Lua] (Current version is 5.1.4 but anything higher will probably work)<br>
+* [http://ant.apache.org/ Ant] (Linux distro should just use their package manager to get it, version isn't really important)
+* Java compiler, make sure you get JDK (not JRE) version 6 and up
 ==Hedgewars Source==
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 Download the latest version using the link above. And unzip it at a place you can remember, I’ll refer to the location with `<`SDK`>`. Once you’ve unzipped/extracted the tar navigate to `<`SDK`>`/tools and execute ‘android’. This should bring up a GUI select ‘Available packages’, then ‘Android Repository’ and check atleast SDK Platform Android 1.6 / 2.1 / 2.2. I would recommend checking all of them, but it’s up to you. Next select ‘Install Selected’ press ‘Next’ a couple of times and you should have the SDK installed.
-Optionally you could add `<`SDK`>`/platform-tools to your PATH, this makes it easier to use ‘adb’. Adb is the main program to communicate with Android, think logging/pushing and pulling files/shell.
+Optionally you could permanently add `<`SDK`>`/platform-tools to your $PATH, this makes it easier to use ‘adb’. Adb is the main program to communicate with Android, think logging/pushing and pulling files/shell.
 If you do not have a real android device you can create an emulator if you do I’d skip this and continue at Android NDK
@@ -69,15 +71,15 @@
 Next we will create the scripts to compile hedgewars and move SDL directories first you’ll need to make sure cmake knows where all the compilers are
-open hedgeroid/project_files/Android-build/CMakeLists.txt with your favorite editor and change the first five lines.
+Add <NDK>:<SDK>/platform-tools:<FPC>/compiler to your path, on debian based system I would do it as follows:
+export PATH=$PATH:/home/xeli/SoftDev/android/ndk
+export PATH=$PATH:/home/xeli/SoftDev/android/sdk/platform-tools
+export PATH=$PATH:/home/xeli/SoftDev/android/fpc-2.4.4/compiler
-to the location where you have stored the Android NDK/SDK, FPC crosscompiler, SDL (android-project) and LUA
-Only the first 3 lines are needed. The forth and fifth moves the SDL and Lua directories for you if you do not want to do it manually (It’s recommended you let cmake handle this and change these lines!)
+(Check google on how to do it for your specific OS if you don't know how)
 Next you can use cmake to create the scripts
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 cd <hedgewars-root>/project_files/Android-build/
+make -f Makefile.android
 and it should be installed on your emulator/device if it was connected.
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 TODO verify that it works on Windows and OS X add dependency list of utilities (ant, fpc compiler for host, make etcetc)
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