LuaLibraries: Add loc_noop
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LuaLibraries: Add loc_noop
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 Note these examples do _not_ violate Lua syntax, it is in your responsibility to follow the syntax rules listed above.
+==== `loc_noop(text)` (0.9.23) ====
+Just returns `text`. This function has the same syntax as `loc`. Like for `loc`, the text will be collected to be made available for translation.
+You can use this function if you want a make a string available for translation but don't want the string to be translated right now. This can come in handy if you need to store strings in variables and want do something like ┬┤loc(variable_name)` later.
 == Utils ==
 This library includes miscellaneous functions to use, they are all independent of each other and can be used everywhere.