LuaAPI: HealHog does not affect poison
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LuaAPI: HealHog does not affect poison
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 === `HealHog(gearUid, healthBoost[, showMessage[, tint]])` (0.9.24) ===
-Convenience function to heal hedgehogs.
+Convenience function to increase the health of hogs with default effects.
 Increases the health of the hedgehog gear with the given ID `gearUid` by `healthBoost`, displays some healing particles at the hedgehog and shows the health increae as a message. This is similar to the behavour after taking a health crate, or getting a health boost from vampirism.
 If `showMessage` is false, no message is shown. With `tint` you can set the RGBA color of the particles (default: `0x00FF00FF`).
+This function does not affect the poison state, however (see `SetEffect`).
 === <tt>!SetEffect(gearUid, effect, effectState)</tt> ===
 Sets the state for one of the effects <tt>heInvulnerable, heResurrectable, hePoisoned, heResurrected, heFrozen</tt> for the specified hedgehog gear.
 A value of 0 usually means the effect is disabled, values other than that indicate that it is enabled and in some cases specify e.g. the remaining time of that effect.