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ThemeFiles: Add Snow.png
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 === `SDFlake.png` ===
 Sudden Death version of `Flake.png`. If missing, `Data/Graphics/SuddenDeath/SDFlake.png` is used. This image contains skulls and bones.
+=== `Snow.png` ===
+A snowflake. A snowflake is a type of flake which might become part of the terrain. This is used in themes in which snow flakes are enabled (see [ThemeCfg]). The image size must be 3×3. If missing, `Data/Graphics/Snow.png` is used. The default image works just fine, only override this if you really want to.
 === `CloudsL.png`, `SDCloudsL.png`, `FlakeL.png`, `SDFlakeL.png` ===
 Optional horizonally mirrored version of `Clouds.png`, `SDClouds.png`, `Flake.png` and `SDFlakeL.png`, respectively. If present, these images instead of the unmirrored ones are used when the wind blows the flakes or clouds to the left.