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LuaGameplay: Fix clan color indent
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  * `voicepack`: The name of the team’s voice pack (equals the directory name)
  * `flag`: Optional argument for the name of the team’s flag (equals file name without the suffix). If set to `nil`, the flag “hedgewars” is used.
-=== Clan color ===
+==== Clan color ====
 Each team must have a color. The color also determines clan membership: Teams with equal color are in the same clan.
 The team color is specified as a number from -9 to -1. This will select one of the 9 possible team colors as specified in the player's settings. As the actual colors are set by the player, you can't predict them, but you can usually trust these defaults:
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 An older (and now discouraged) method of specifying the color is by hardcoding it as an RGB color (i.e. `0xDD0000`). This practice is now strongly discouraged because it will ignore the player-chosen color (which is *bad* for players with color blindness) and in 99% of cases you don't need it anyway. It should be only used for testing and debugging. 
-=== Example ===
+==== Example ====
 <code language="lua">AddTeam("team 1", -1, "Simple", "Tank", "Default", "hedgewars")
 --[[ Adds a new team with name “team 1”, the first default color (usually red), the grave “Simple”,