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 To install a grave, put it into `Data/Graphics/Graves` of the Hedgewars data directory.
 Make sure the name of your file ends with “`.png”. The displayed name in Hedgewars equals the file name without the suffix.
-== Limits ==
-Graves are _not_ automatically shared when you play online. Unless the other players have your grave, too, they will only see the default grave (`Statue.png`) for your team instead. The only graves you can be sure are also seen online are the ones supplied by the Hedgewars installation.
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+== Sharing graves ==
+Custom graves (graves which are not part of the official Hedgewars installation) are only visible to other players if they have the grave installed under the same file name.
+In case the other player does not have the custom grave installed, the player will see the default grave (`Statue.png`) instead.
+You are encouraged to share your graves in the thread “[ Graves! additions, submissions, information.]”, where submissions are considered for official inclusion into Hedgewars.
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