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LuaAPI: fix typo
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 Lua is an easy to learn scripting language that’s implemented using open source libraries. If you’d like to learn more about Lua, have a look at [ Lua's official homepage]. Even though its easy to learn syntax this wiki page won't explain all basics of using Lua, e.g. declaring variables or using control structures. There are tons of step-by-step tutorials and documentation available on the internet. Just throw “Lua” into your favourite search engine and give it a try.
 === About this wiki page ===
-This page tends to become outdated. For a list of undocumented functions, see [].
+This page might become outdated. For a list of undocumented functions, see [].
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 This function must not be called while it's the team's turn.
-==== `SetTeamLabel(teamname[, label])` (0.9.24)` ====
+==== `SetTeamLabel(teamname[, label])` (0.9.24) ====
 Set or remove a label for the team with the given team name. The label is a string and will be displayed next to the team's health bar.
 If `label` is `nil`, the label will be removed.