LuaAPI: EnableSwitchHog()
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LuaAPI: EnableSwitchHog()
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 ==== `SetLaserSight(bool)` (0.9.24) ====
 Toggles laser sight for this turn. Set `bool` to `true` to enable (same effect as if the hedgehog has used Laser Sight), `false` to disable.
+==== `EnableSwitchHog()` (0.9.25) ====
+Enable hog switching mode for the current hedgehog. This function should be called while the hedgehog is standing on solid ground (`GetFlightTime` returns 0).
+Internally, this tries to spawn a `gtSwitcher` gear which, as long it exists, handles the hog switching. You can delete this gear to stop the hog switching prematurely. If there already is a `gtSwitcher` gear, no additional gear is spawned.
+On success, returns the `gtSwitcher` gear being spawned or, if hog switching mode is already active, returns the exsting gear. On failure, returns `nil`.
 === Randomness ===
 ==== <tt>!GetRandom(number)</tt> ====
 Returns a randomly generated number in the range of 0 to number - 1. This random number uses the game seed, so is synchronised, and thus safe for multiplayer and saved games. Use `GetRandom` for anything that could impact the engine state. For example, a visual gear could simply use Lua’s `math.random`, but adding a regular gear should use `GetRandom`.