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 #summary Full list of command line switches for hedgewars, hwengine and server
 #labels Documentation,Engine,Frontend
-*Table of Contents*
+= Commnd-line options =
 <wiki:toc max_depth="2" />
-= Frontend =
+== Frontend ==
 The frontend in Hedgewars refers to the main and all the other menus before an actual game has started. It does *not* refer to the part where the actual game takes place (see “Engine” for this).
 Symtax: `hedgewars [OPTION …] [CONNECTSTRING]`
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 Specify `CONNECTSTRING` if you want Hedgewars to join a server and possibly even a room on start. This must be a `hwplay` URL (see [HWPlaySchemeSyntax] to learn more about this).
-== Examples ==
+=== Examples ===
 This is an example on GNU/Linux on a shell (the dollar sign is not part of the input):
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 Makes Hedgewars join an alternative server `` on start.
-= Engine =
+== Engine ==
 The engine is the program which runs the actual game.
 It is possible to start a replay or save file directly from the console issuing the standalone {{{hwengine}}} utility with a very simple syntax. 
-== Standard usage ==
+=== Standard usage ===
 {{{hwengine [options] <path to replay file>}}}
 By default, `hwengine` will look in the current folder for game assets, if you wish to use another directory you should set the `--prefix` and `--user-prefix` options. See below for even more commands.
 The replay file can be stored anywhere. Note that, as always, engine can only load replay files generated from the same Hedgewars version.
-== Advanced usage ==
+=== Advanced usage ===
 It is possible to specify almost any settings by adding additional arguments:
   * {{{--prefix [path to Hedgewars data folder]}}} - Sets the path to the system game data folder
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   * {{{--stereo [type]}}} - Sets stereoscopic rendering type (1 to 14)
   * {{{--help}}} - Shows a list of command line options and exits the program directly after
-=== More advanced usage ===
+==== More advanced usage ====
 Generally you don't need to set these options but here they are for full documentation:
   * {{{--frame-interval [interval]}}} - Sets minimum interval (in ms) between each frame. Eg, 40 would make the game run at most 25 fps
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 If you want to get your hands dirty and see how the engine interprets commands, you can check out the source code:
-= Server =
+== Server ==
 The server can be configured to run on non standard port or to run as separate process.