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 == Introduction ==
-“*HWP*” stands for “Hedgewars Package” and is a file format. HWP files provide a simple mechanism to package customizations of Hedgewars (maps, themes, sounds) in a single file. HWP files have the suffix “.hwp”. They are intended to be used to be shared online and to be installed rapidliy.
+“*HWP*” stands for “Hedgewars Package” and is a file format. A HWP file is an add-on for Hedgewars which adds new things to Hedgewars, like a theme, map, scripts and more. HWP files have the suffix “.hwp”. HWP files are used in the “Downloadable Content” (DLC) section, but they also can be shared online and installed manually.
 The file format provides an alternative to the “classical” method in which the user puts custom files directly into the user data directory.
 == Who uses HWP? ==
-HWP files used in the “Downloadable Content” (DLC) section which can be accessed in the main-menu of Hedgewars or with your brower via [https://hedgewars.org/content.html]. Only HWP files are distributed there.
-The community-driven Hedgewars addon server [http://hh.unit22.org/ hh.unit22.org] only accepts HWP files.
+HWP files are used here:
-HWP files are also commonly used to distribute custom files in the [https://hedgewars.org/forum webforums].
-HWP files are also used by a few scripts and missions, some of them even in the official game (see the section about sidecar HWPs).
+* Downloadable Content (DLC) sectio
+* [http://hh.unit22.org/ hh.unit22.org], community-driven add-on server
+* In the [https://hedgewars.org/forum webforums] by users
+* Hedgewars also uses these internally for scripts and missions (see the section about sidecar HWPs)
 == Using HWP ==
 If you download any add-on from DLC, you must restart Hedgewars for the change to take effect.