TODO: I don't think a shadow effect is needed
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TODO: I don't think a shadow effect is needed
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   * Make our AI use any weapon of your choice. Check out the `uAI*.pas` files and see how the current weapons are handled.
   * Write a simple shell script (`bash`, `ruby`, `perl`, `python`, `awk`...) to update the localization strings for iOS and propagate the diff to all the localized files. This task doesn't require coding or having an i-Device, just basic shell scripting.
   * Make a cross-platform tool (for instance a script) that identifies new phrases in our mission, training and gameplay scripts and adds them (marked untranslated) into our `Lua` localization files.
-  * Drop a shadow effect to every widget in our frontend. This will help you:
   * Run `Valgrind` on engine, report the  most used functions and optimize them so that performance increases.
   * Use the Qt macro `QtPrintable` everywhere instead of looping through various string methods.
   * Document compiler flags: just add a little comment near each flag explaining its use.