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Translations: Add conventions
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  # Talk with a Hedgewars developer in order to include it in [ DLC]
  # Give them the files and tell them where to place them. Of course this is the less convenient way but it is maybe a good approach to let other players double-check your translations
-== Abbreviations ==
+== Translation conventions ==
+=== Hedgehog and team names ===
+When it comes to the names of hedgehogs and teams and other names of related story elements, you can and should feel free to translate those names to your own language. You can be creative and humorous about it, the translation of names does not have to be literal. We want to make the names feel "natural" in foreign languages, too.
+For example, the name of the hedgehog “Leaks a Lot” has been translated as “Undichte Stelle” in German. German-speaking players find it quite hilarious. ;-)
+But ultimately, you are the translator of the game, the final decision what to do with names is still up to you. Our only hard rule is that once you picked a name translation, you must make sure it is used consistently everywhere.
+=== Hedgewars ===
+The name of the game "Hedgewars" should—normally, at least—always be "Hedgewars", in all languages. Please do *not* change the name of the game in your translation without talking to us first.
+=== Abbreviations ===
 You will find a few abbreviations in the files. here's what they mean:
-=== A Space Adventure ===
  * *PAotH*: Planetary Association of the Hedgehogs
  * *Hog Solo and GB*: Hog Solo and Green Bananas
  * *RS1*: Red Strawberries 1
  * *RS2*: Red Strawberries 2
-=== General ===
  * *fps*: frames per second
  * *s*: second ([ SI unit] of time)
  * *min*: minute