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LuaEvents: move tick events to new section
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 These indexes can be used to look up details of the clan/team/hedgehog prior to gear creation. Routines to do these lookups will be created as needed.
 If you add this hook, the expectation is that you will call SetAmmo appropriately. Any values from `onAmmoStoreInit` are ignored.
-== Game events ==
+== Time events ==
 === <tt>onGameTick()</tt> ===
 This function is called on every game tick, i.e. 1000 times a second. If you just need to check on something periodically, consider `onGameTick20`.
 === <tt>onGameTick20()</tt> ===
 This function is called every 20 game ticks, which equals 50 times a second. It reduces Lua overhead for simple monitoring that doesn’t need to happen every single tick.
+== Game events ==
 === <tt>onNewTurn()</tt> ===
 This function calls at the start of every turn. You can set `ReadyTimeLeft` here to change the ready time for this turn. (See also: `Ready`)