LuaAPI: AddTeam support
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LuaAPI: AddTeam support
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 Adds a new team. Note that this can only be done in `onGameInit`, not at a later time.
 You *must* add at least one hedgehog with `AddHog` after calling this. The engine does not support empty teams.
+`AddTeam` is only supported for singleplayer missions. You *must not* use this function in multiplayer.
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  * `voicepack`: The name of the team’s voice pack (equals the directory name)
  * `flag`: Optional argument for the name of the team’s flag (equals file name without the suffix). If set to `nil`, the flag “hedgewars” is used.
-*Note*: This works only for singleplayer training missions for now and will desync multiplayer games.
 ===== Clan color =====
 Each team must have a color. The color also determines clan membership: Teams with equal color are in the same clan.