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Voicepacks: 1.0.0 update
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  * [https://www.hedgewars.org/node/2132 Recording Voices for Hedgewars] (guide)
 == Special voicepacks ==
-The voicepack “Default” is the English default voice.
+The voicepack “Default” is the English default voice and is used as the ultimate fallback, if a voicepack cannot be found.
-Voicepacks with the name “`Default_<language>`” (where “`<language>`” is a language code) are played by default with respect to the player's language, if a localisation exists for that language. This can be applied to other voicepacks, such as `Pirate_<language>` if such a localisation was created.
+Voicepacks with a name of the form “`Default_<language>`” (where “Default” can be a name of your liking, and “`<language>`” is a language code) are for specifying a localized version of a voicepack. This can be applied to other voicepacks, such as `Pirate_<language>` if such a localisation was created. Voicepacks without the language code are assumed to be in English.
+=== In Lua scripting ===
-If you specify “`Default`” as voice for a team by using Lua scripting, Hedgewars will play the default voice with respect to the player's language. If no default voice for the local language is found, Hedgewars will use the English `Default` voicepack instead. This would apply to other voice pack localisations if they are created.
+If in `AddTeam`, you use the special language code `qau`, then Hedgewars will try to play the matching localized version of that voicepack, with respect to the player's language (e.g. `Pirate_de`). If no localized version exists, Hedgewars falls back to the voicepack with no language code (e.g. `Pirate`).
-For example, in German Hedgewars, the voice “`Default_de`” will be played by default for the Default voice (if it exists). `Pirate_de` would be played for the `Pirate` voice if it exists.
+For example, if you specify “`Default_qau`” as voice in `AddTeam` in Lua, Hedgewars will play `Default_ru` for Russian players, `Default_pl` for Polish players, `Default` for English players and players with no localized version of `Default` available yet. But if you just specify `Default` in `AddTeam`, the team will always use the English `Default` voicepack for all players.
-If a player or script explicitly selects a localisation, such as `Default_de`, it will be played for everyone regardless of locale.
+In versions before 1.0.0, the special `qau` code did not exist and the automatic voicepack selection was kinda annoying. Hedgewars tried to force the automatic language selection pretty ruthlessly with no way to avoid it, and it was impossible to e.g. specify the `Default` voice explicitly.
 == Sharing voicepacks ==
 Custom voicepacks (voicepacks which are not part of the official Hedgewars installation) can only be heard by other players (online) if they have the voicepack installed under the same name.