LuaAPI: Add AddMissionTeam / AddMissionHog
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LuaAPI: Add AddMissionTeam / AddMissionHog
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 `botlevel` ranges from `0` to `5`, where `0` denotes a human player and `1` to `5` denote the skill level of a bot, where `1` is strongest and `5` is the weakest. Note that this is the reverse order of how the bot level is displayed in the game. Note that mixing human-controlled and computer-controlled hedgehogs in the same team is not permitted, but it is permitted to use different computer difficulty levels in the same team.
-*Warning*: This only works in singleplayer mode (e.g. missions). Also, Hedgewars only supports up to 48 hedgehogs in a game. If you add more hedgehogs or call this function in multiplayer mode, Hedgewars might fail.
+Returns the gear ID.
+*Warning*: This only works in singleplayer mode (e.g. missions). Also, Hedgewars only supports up to 64 hedgehogs in a game.
 <code language="lua">    local player = AddHog("HH 1", 0, 100, "NoHat") -- botlevel 0 means human player
-    SetGearPosition(player, 1500, 1000)</code>
+    SetGearPosition(player, 1500, 1000)
+    -- hint: If you don't call `SetGearPosition`, the hog spawns randomly</code>
+=== <tt>!AddMissionHog(health)</tt> (0.9.25) ===
+Add a hedgehog for the current team, using the player-chosen team identity when playing in singleplayer missions. The “current team” is the last team that was added with `AddMissionTeam` or `AddTeam`.
+The name and hat match the player's team definition. The hog is also always player-controlled.
+<code language="lua">-- Add player team with 3 hogs
+<code language="lua">-- You can also mix mission hogs with “hardcoded” hogs.
+-- This adds a player team with 2 hogs taken from the player team and 1 hog with a hardcoded name, botlevel and hat.
+AddHog("My Hardcoded Hog", 0, 100, "NoHat")
 == Functions to get gear properties ==
 === <tt>!GetGearType(gearUid)</tt> ===
@@ -1388,6 +1411,21 @@
 --[[ Adds a new team with name “team 1”, the first default color (usually red), the grave “Simple”,
 the fort “Tank” the voicepack “Default” and the flag “hedgewars”. ]]</code>
+=== <tt>!AddMissionTeam(color)</tt> (0.9.25) ===
+Adds a new team using the player-chosen team identity when playing a singleplayer mission.
+Does not work in multiplayer.
+This function is very similar to `AddTeam`. Team settings like name or flag do not need to be specified, they will be taken from the player-chosen team.
+You only need to specify the color, which works like in `AddTeam`.
+Use `AddMissionHog` or `AddHog` afterwards to add hedgehogs for this team. You can mix `AddMissionHog` and `AddHog` as you wish.
+ * `color`: See `AddTeam`.
+<code language="lua">-- Add mission team with default clan color
 ==== <tt>!GetTeamName(teamIdx)</tt> (0.9.24) ====
 Returns the name of the team with the index `teamIdx`. `teamIdx` is a number between 0 and `TeamsCount-1`.