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HWPFormat: Update HWP nesting
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 Please remember how Hedgewars uses ammo icons in HWPs (see above).
-=== Limitations ===
-Important: HWPs are not recursive! This means if you put a HWP inside another HWP, Hedgewars will only load the actual contents of the outermost HWP. The contents of the inner HWP are not loaded. This implies that there is currently no way (via HWP) to distribute a script with custom data. You have to ask users to just extract a normal Zip file with your script data instead.
+=== Nested HWPs ===
+HWPs can be nested. That is, if you put a HWP inside another HWP, the contents of the inner HWP will be loaded as well.
-This is considered a bug, see https://issues.hedgewars.org/show_bug.cgi?id=174.
+There's a limit to this: The nesting can only go one layer deep, in order to keep things simple. HWPs that are nested even deeper are simply ignored.
 === Order of precedence ===