LuaAPI: Add limitations of AddHog
Fri, 09 Feb 2018 03:41:36 +0000
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LuaAPI: Add limitations of AddHog
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 Adds a new hedgehog for current team (last created one with the `AddTeam` function), with bot level and specified health, also hat.
 `botlevel` ranges from `0` to `5`, where `0` denotes a human player and `1` to `5` denote the skill level of a bot, where `1` is strongest and `5` is the weakest. Note that this is the reverse order of how the bot level is displayed in the game.
-*Warning*: This works only for singleplayers training missions for now and will desync multiplayer games.
+*Warning*: This only works in singleplayer mode (e.g. missions). Also, Hedgewars only supports up to 48 hedgehogs in a game. If you add more hedgehogs or call this function in multiplayer mode, Hedgewars might fail.