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 If you play a voice, by default the voice will respect an internal queue and might be played with an delay in order to prevent annoying voice overlapping. You can disable this behaviour and force Hedgewars to instantly play the voice by also setting `instaVoice` to `true`. Only use `instaVoice` when you really need it.
-== `PlayMusicSound(soundId)` (0.9.25) ==
+== `PlayMusicSound(soundId)` ==
 Plays a sound as replacement for the background music. The sound is played once. The main music is paused and the sound is played instead. The main background music does not resume automatically, so you should call `StopMusicSound` after a while.
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 PlayMusicSound(sndRideOfTheValkyries) -- Replace the background music the Ride of the Valkyries
-== `StopMusicSound(soundId)` (0.9.25) ==
+== `StopMusicSound(soundId)` ==
 Stops the specified “music sound” (if it was still playing) and resumes the main background music.
 == `SetSoundMask(soundId, isMasked)` ==