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; English locale

00:11=Baseball Bat
00:12=Fire Punch
00:15=Air Attack
00:16=Mine Strike
00:17=Blow Torch
00:20=Switch Hedgehog
00:26=Watermelon Bomb
00:27=Hellish hand-grenade
00:28=Drill Rocket
00:31=RC Plane
00:32=Low Gravity
00:33=Extra Damage
00:35=Extra Time
00:36=Laser Sight
00:38=Sniper Rifle
00:39=Flying Saucer
00:40=Molotov Cocktail

01:00=Let's fight!
01:01=Round draw
01:02=%1 wins!
01:03=Volume %1%
01:05=Really quit (Y/Esc)?
01:06=Sudden Death!
01:07=%1 remaining

; Event messages
; Hog (%1) died
02:00=%1 has kicked the bucket!
02:00=%1 has seen the light!
02:00=%1 never saw that coming!
02:00=%1 waves goodbye!
02:00=%1 has gone to a better place!
02:00=%1 meets his maker!
02:00=%1 can hang on no longer!
02:00=%1 has done his duty!
02:00=%1 makes the ultimate sacrifice!
02:00=%1 departs this mortal coil!
02:00=%1 makes like a tree and leaves!
02:00=%1 has timed out!
02:00=%1 says peace out!
02:00=%1 will be fondly remembered!
02:00=%1 has an aneurysm!
02:00=%1 leaves behind a wife and child
02:00=%1 has launched his last bazooka
02:00=%1 has tossed his last grenade
02:00=%1 has baked his last cake
02:00=%1 has swung on his last rope
02:00=%1 has called his last airstrike
02:00=%1 has pumped his last shotgun
02:00=%1 has thrown his last melon
02:00=%1 has drawn his last deagle
02:00=%1 took one shot too many
02:00=%1 could really have used a health crate
02:00=%1 has gone to play a better game
02:00=%1 has ragequit life
02:00=%1 fails
02:00=Poor poor %1...
02:00=%1 prefers wormux
02:00=%1 has been blocking shots with his face
02:00=%1 is a hero amongst me...err..hogs
02:00=%1 finds his place in Valhalla
02:00=%1 has left the building
02:00=%1 goes the way of the dinosaurs
02:00=%1 brings hedgehogs one step closer to extinction
02:00=%1 brings a tear to my eye
02:00=%1 is an ex-hog
02:00=%1 is pushing up the daisies
02:00=%1 has ceased to be
02:00=Say goodbye to %1
02:00=No hope left for %1
02:00=%1 faces the final curtain
02:00=Smoke 'em if you got 'em, %1
02:00=%1 suffers a Spontaneous Massive Existence Failure
02:00=%1 has passed on
02:00=%1 is stone dead
02:00=%1 is no more
02:00=%1 has expired
02:00=Bereft of life, %1 rests in peace
02:00=%1 joins the choir invisible
02:00=Farewell %1, we hardly knew ye!
02:00=%1 had a low tolerance for being shot
02:00=%1 could have used an extra life
02:00=Is there a doctor in the house?
; Hog (%1) drowned
02:01=%1 plays submarine!
02:01=%1 mimics the Titanic!
02:01=%1 swims like a stone!
02:01=%1 floats like a brick!
02:01=%1 checks out the deep end
02:01=%1 goes glug glug glug
02:01=%1 goes splash
02:01=%1 forgot his armbands
02:01=%1 really should have taken swimming lessons
02:01=%1 left his surfboard at home
02:01=%1 is washed up
02:01=%1 is one soggy hog
02:01=%1 forgot to bring his life jacket
02:01=%1 goes splish splash splish
02:01=%1 is sleeping with the fishes
02:01=%1 thinks the water physics suck in this game
02:01=%1 looks thirsty
02:01=the sea claims %1
02:01=%1 is lost at sea
02:01=%1 should have brought his scuba gear
02:01=%1 gets a burial at sea
02:01=%1 has that sinking feeling
02:01=%1 is practicing his backstroke
02:01=%1 goes in search of the Titanic
02:01=%1 is not Jesus
02:01=%1 is finding Nemo
02:01=%1 springs a leak
02:01=You've gotta wonder how many hogs are down there
02:01=%1 makes the ocean slightly higher
02:01=%1 didn't enlist in the Navy
02:01=%1 is doing his impersonation of a dead fish
02:01=At least you didn't go down the toilet, %1
02:01=Sonic couldn't swim and neither can %1
02:01=%1 wants to play Ecco the dolphin
02:01=%1 has gone to visit Aquaria
02:01=%1 has found the lost city of Atlantis
02:01=%1 aims for the lead role in Bioshock 3
02:01=Your doggy paddle could use a little work, %1
02:01=%1 should have brought a jet ski
02:01=%1 doesn't like watersports
02:01=%1 is forever blowing bubbles
02:01=%1 is short of a raft
02:01=%1 thinks salt water is good for the skin
02:01=%1 gets salt water in his wounds
02:01=%1 has walked the plank
02:01=%1 has a bath
02:01=%1 is wet wet wet
02:01=%1 gets his quills wet
02:01=It's Davy Jones' locker for %1
; Round starts
02:02=Let's fight!
02:02=Armed and ready!
02:02=Let's get ready to rumble!
02:02=Let's get it on!
02:02=Let's get this party started
02:02=Last hog standing wins
02:02=Let's go!
02:02=Let's rock!
02:02=Let's jam!
02:02=It's beginning...
02:02=This is the start of something big
02:02=Welcome to Hedgewars
02:02=Welcome to the front lines
02:02=Crush your enemies!
02:02=May the best hog win
02:02=Victory or death
02:02=To the victor goes the spoils
02:02=Losing is not an option
02:02=Cry havoc! Let loose the hogs of war!
02:02=Hedgewars, brought to you by
02:02=GL HF
02:02=Just count yourself lucky you're not up against Tiyuri
02:02=Just count yourself lucky you're not up against unC0Rr
02:02=Just count yourself lucky you're not up against Nemo
02:02=Just count yourself lucky you're not up against Smaxx
02:02=Just count yourself lucky you're not up against Jessor
02:02=Give it your all!
02:02=The losers do the cleaning up!
02:02=Let the fight of the millenium begin
02:02=Let the fight of the century begin
02:02=Let the fight of the decade begin
02:02=Let the fight of the year begin
02:02=Let the fight of the month begin
02:02=Let the fight of the week begin
02:02=Let the fight of the day begin
02:02=Let the fight of the hour begin
02:02=Do your best!
02:02=Destroy the enemy!
02:02=Good luck
02:02=Have fun
02:02=Fight the good fight
02:02=Fight dirty
02:02=Fight with honour
02:02=Don't give up
02:02=Never surrender
02:02=Rock 'em and sock 'em!
02:02=Let the fragfest begin!
02:02=I hope you're ready for a tussle!
02:02=Go Go Go!
02:02=Hedgehogs advance!
02:02=Bring it to them!
02:02=Have no fear!
02:02=Be brave and conquer
; Round ends (win; unused atm)
; Round ends (draw; unused atm)
; New health crate
02:05=Incoming aid!
02:05=First aid from the skies!
02:05=A health pack for you
02:05=Good health.. in box form!
02:05=The doctor calls
02:05=Fresh band-aids!
02:05=This will make you feel better
02:05=A Hi-Potion! Whoops wrong game
02:05=A pick-me-up!
02:05=Grab it
02:05=A healthy snack
02:05=A remedy to pain
02:05=Correct Dosage: as many as you can find!
02:05=Urgent delivery
; New ammo crate
02:06=More weapons!
02:06=Lock and load!
02:06=I wonder what weapon is in there?
02:06=What could be inside?
02:06=Christmas comes early in Hedgewars
02:06=A present!
02:06=Special delivery!
02:06=It was a nightmare getting this through customs
02:06=Destructive toys from the heavens
02:06=Warning! Contents Volatile
02:06=Pick it up or blow it up, choice is yours
02:06=Mmmmm Ammo
02:06=A box of destructive power
02:06=Whatever's in that box, it ain't pizza
02:06=Get it!
02:06=Weapon drop incoming
02:06=Don't let the enemy grab that!
02:06=Shiny new toys!
02:06=A mysterious box!
; New utility crate
02:07=This could come in handy...
02:07=Utilise this box
02:07=Watch out below
02:07=More utilities!
02:07=Tools for you!
02:07=This should be good!
02:07=Use this wisely
02:07=Ooo this box is heavy
02:07=You might need this
; Hog (%1) skips his turn
02:08=%1 is sooo boring...
02:08=%1 couldn't be bothered
02:08=%1 is one lazy hog
02:08=%1 is thoughtless
02:08=%1 gave up
02:08=You snooze you lose, %1
02:08=%1 shamelessly skips
02:08=%1 is really lazy
02:08=%1 needs a little more motivation
02:08=%1 is a pacifist
02:08=%1 has a breather
02:08=%1 has a rest
02:08=%1 chills out
02:08=%1 has no faith in his own abilities
02:08=%1 decides to do nothing at all
02:08=%1 lets the enemy destroy itself
02:08=%1 would be terrible at parties
02:08=%1 hides out
02:08=%1 has decided to pass on this opportunity
02:08=%1 decides the best thing he can do is...nothing
02:08=%1 is a big wuss
02:08=Buck Buck Buck, %1 is a chicken
02:08=%1 is looking a little yellow
02:08=%1 is a coward!
02:08=%1 is waiting for sudden death
02:08=%1 is not the fighting type
02:08=%1 is reconsidering his purpose in life
02:08=%1 was never much of a good shot anyway
02:08=%1 didn't want to join the army in the first place
02:08=Stop wasting our time, %1
02:08=I'm dissapointed in you, %1
02:08=Come on, you can do better than that %1
02:08=%1's will has broken
02:08=%1 apparently has better things to do
02:08=%1 is scared stiff
02:08=%1 has fallen asleep
; Hog (%1) hurts himself only
02:09=%1 should practice aiming!
02:09=%1 seems to hate himself
02:09=%1 is standing on the wrong side!
02:09=%1 makes like an emo
02:09=%1 was holding his weapon the wrong way around
02:09=%1 is a little sadistic
02:09=%1 is a masochist
02:09=%1 has no instinct of self-preservation
02:09=%1 messed up
02:09=%1 screwed up
02:09=That was a poor shot, %1
02:09=%1 is a little too careless with dangerous weapons
02:09=%1 should consider a change of career
02:09=Worst. Shot. Ever!
02:09=No no no %1, you shoot at the ENEMY!
02:09=%1 should only be destroying the enemy
02:09=%1 moves one step closer to suicide
02:09=%1 aids the enemy
02:09=That was stupid %1
02:09=%1 lives by the mantra of "no pain, no gain"
02:09=%1 is confused
02:09=%1 hurt itself in its confusion
02:09=%1 has a knack for embarrassing himself
02:09=%1 is a klutz!
02:09=%1 is clumsy
02:09=%1 shows the enemy what he's capable of
02:09=%1 can't be expected to be perfect all the time
02:09=Don't worry %1, pobody's nerfect
02:09=%1 totally did that on purpose
02:09=I won't tell anyone if you don't, %1
02:09=How embarrassing!
02:09=I'm sure nobody saw that %1
02:09=%1 needs to review his field manual
02:09=%1's weapon clearly malfunctioned
; Hog shot an home run (using the bat and another hog)
02:10=Home Run!
02:10=A bird, a plane, ...
02:10=That one is out!