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Fix QSettings problems: - Reopen file in ReadOnly mode if it was open in ReadWrite mode and is being read. This is needed for stupid QSettings which opens file in ReadWrite mode just to call readAll() on it. - Implement setSize(0)

#ifndef _FileEngine_h
#define _FileEngine_h

#include <QAbstractFileEngine>
#include <QAbstractFileEngineHandler>
#include <QAbstractFileEngineIterator>
#include <QDateTime>

#include "physfs.h"

class FileEngine : public QAbstractFileEngine
        FileEngine(const QString& filename);

        virtual ~FileEngine();

        virtual bool open(QIODevice::OpenMode openMode);
        virtual bool close();
        virtual bool flush();
        virtual qint64 size() const;
        virtual qint64 pos() const;
        virtual bool setSize(qint64 size);
        virtual bool seek(qint64 pos);
        virtual bool isSequential() const;
        virtual bool remove();
        virtual bool mkdir(const QString &dirName, bool createParentDirectories) const;
        virtual bool rmdir(const QString &dirName, bool recurseParentDirectories) const;
        virtual bool caseSensitive() const;
        virtual bool isRelativePath() const;
        QAbstractFileEngineIterator *beginEntryList(QDir::Filters filters, const QStringList & filterNames);
        virtual QStringList entryList(QDir::Filters filters, const QStringList &filterNames) const;
        virtual FileFlags fileFlags(FileFlags type=FileInfoAll) const;
        virtual QString fileName(FileName file=DefaultName) const;
        virtual QDateTime fileTime(FileTime time) const;
        virtual void setFileName(const QString &file);
        bool atEnd() const;

        virtual qint64 read(char *data, qint64 maxlen);
        virtual qint64 readLine(char *data, qint64 maxlen);
        virtual qint64 write(const char *data, qint64 len);

        bool isOpened() const;

        QFile::FileError error() const;
        QString errorString() const;

        virtual bool supportsExtension(Extension extension) const;

        PHYSFS_file *m_handle;
        qint64 m_size;
        FileFlags m_flags;
        QString m_fileName;
        QDateTime m_date;
        bool m_bufferSet;
        bool m_readWrite;

class FileEngineHandler : public QAbstractFileEngineHandler
        FileEngineHandler(char * argv0);

        QAbstractFileEngine *create(const QString &filename) const;

        static void mount(const QString & path);
        static void mount(const QString & path, const QString & mountPoint);
        static void setWriteDir(const QString & path);
        static void mountPacks();

//    private:
        static const QString scheme;

class FileEngineIterator : public QAbstractFileEngineIterator
        FileEngineIterator(QDir::Filters filters, const QStringList & nameFilters, const QStringList & entries);

        bool hasNext() const;
        QString next();
        QString currentFileName() const;
        QStringList m_entries;
        int m_index;