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Add Sheep theme by Julien Koesten. Will be slightly corrected a bit later.

Hedgewars - a turn based strategy game.
Distributed under the terms of the GNU GPL licence.
Images and sounds are distributed under the terms of the GNU FDL licence.

Copyright 2004-2008 Andrey Korotaev <>
Copyright 2006-2008 Igor Ulyanov aka Displacer <>

Sounds in Data/Sounds/Voices
Copyright 2008 Stephen Alexander <>

'Nature' music theme:
Copyright 2008 Finn Brice <>

'Pirate', 'City', 'Oriental', 'Snow' music themes:
Copyright 2008 Jonatan Nilsson <>

Images in Data/Graphics,
themes "nature", "Snow", "City"
maps "Bath", "Hedgelove", "Hedgewars", "Hydrant", "mushrooms", "Plane"
Copyright 2008 Finn Brice <>

Fonts: see Fonts_LICENSE.txt

Map and theme "cheese":
based on Wormux map "cheese" by Anthony Carré <yeknan AT yahoo DOT fr>

Maps and themes "Bamboo", "EarthRise", map "BambooPlinko":
Copyright 2008 Joshua Frese <>

Map "Castle", theme "hell":
Copyright 2008 Stanko Tadić <>

Map "Sheep"
Copyright 2008 Julien Koesten <>