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mikade making sheepluva happy again Bazooka Training
Basic_Training_-_Bazooka.desc="Using the wind to your advantage is key!" Grenade Training
Basic_Training_-_Grenade.desc="Remember, you pull the pin out AND throw!" Shotgun Training
Basic_Training_-_Shotgun.desc="Shoot first, ask questions later!" Sniper Rifle Training
Basic_Training_-_Sniper_Rifle.desc="Boom, headshot!" Ducklings
User_Mission_-_Dangerous_Ducklings.desc="Alright, rookie! Time to put what we learned in Basic Training into practice!"
User_Mission_-_Diver.desc="This 'amphibious assualt' thing is harder than it looks..."
User_Mission_-_Teamwork.desc="Sometimes, love hurts." Tree
User_Mission_-_Spooky_Tree.desc="Lots of crates out here. I sure hope that bird ain't feeling hungry." Thicket
User_Mission_-_Bamboo_Thicket.desc="Death comes from above." Sinking Feeling
User_Mission_-_That_Sinking_Feeling.desc="The water is rising rapidly and time is limited. Many have tried and failed. Can you save them all?" and the Hammock
User_Mission_-_Newton_and_the_Hammock.desc="Remember hoglets: The velocity of a body remains constant unless the body is acted upon by an external force!"