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Use more sounds

Amazing - an excellent shot/direct hit (the projectile directly hits the enemy hedgehog, not the terrain around it, the projectile hits an enemy hedgehog after traveling a certain distance)
 + boring - when a player skips his go
brilliant - when you do damage after a projectile traveling a certain distance
Bugger - when you lose your go because you fall a certain distance, or shoot yourself
Bungee - when using the as yet non existant bungee rope
 + bye bye - before your hedgehog blows up because its health reaches 0
Come on then -  when you havent done anything for a certain amount of time, telling you to take your go
Hello - when you havent done anything for a certain amount of time, telling you to take your go
Coward - when you end your go without attacking
cut it out   -  when your hedgehog takes a very low amount of damage
 + Enemy down - when you reduce enemys health to 0
Excellent - when you do a high amount of damage
Fire - when you shoot
 + First blood - when a hedgehog first takes damage
Flawless - when you win a match without losing a hedgehog
gonna get you - when you take a medium amount of damage
Grenade - when a grenade lands nearby your hedgehog
hmm - plays sometimes when it's your go, your hedgehog is  thinking about what it should do
 + Hurry - timer is getting low
 + ill get you - said after taking a medium amount of damage
 + Incoming - on airstrike
Just you wait - said after your team takes a certain amount of damage
Kamikaze - when your hedgehog uses the as yet nonexistant kamikaze weapon
 + laugh - used when your hedgehog blows himself up Near an enemy hedgehog
leave me alone - when a hedgehog is being picked on / hit a certain amount of times in a row
 + Missed - when enemy misses
Nooooo - when a hh is blasted off of the screen
 + Nutter - when you hit your own hh
Oh dear - another thing to say before dying
oops - when a hedgehog hurts itself with a small amount of damage
Perfect - when hitting 3 or more hhs at once
 + reinforcements - when a weapon crate drops
Revenge - when a hedgehog is hit by the same hog twice
runaway - when dynamite is dropped near your hog
 + same team - when you hit a hog on the same team
so long - said before you die
 + stupid - when you hit yourself
Take cover - when a grenade lands nearby
this ones mine - said sometimes when its your go
 + traitor - when you hit your own team
uh oh - when an enemy hog stands near you with a baseball bat
Victory - when you win the match
watch it - when you hit your own team
watch this - when you throw a cluster bomb/grenade/bazooka
what the - when a grenade lands nearby
whoopsee - when you take fall damage
 + yessir - when its your go
 + you'll regret that - when you get hit