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few more changes
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 0.9.19 -> 0.9.20:
  + New campaign, A Space Adventure!
  + Password protected rooms
- + Shapes on drawn maps
+ + Shapes on drawn maps (ellipses, rectangles)  - constrain dimensions with ctrl, as with straight line tool.
  + New rubber utility, lfBouncy mask (green) for maps.  lfBouncy is also anti-portal.
  + Lazy loading of many aspects of frontend to improve startup time under Windows
  + Set hog/team/health label defaults in config, toggle team health display using delete (left shift + delete for labels now)
@@ -19,6 +19,8 @@
  + New hats
  + Translation updates
  + New lua script to control gravity.  May have unpredictable effects.  Try zero g shoppa.  Changes to allow lua to spawn poison clouds without interrupting turn.
+ + Speech bubbles are now echoed to chat for logging purposes with the hog's name.
+ * You should now thaw on your turn, not enemy's. AI frozen/unfrozen crate movement fix. Blowtorch can thaw frozen hogs.
  * Prevent target crosshair moving around unpredictably when doing multiple airstrikes
  * Rope should kick along surfaces more reliably, fix rope aim speed if you miss a shot, firing rope does not freeze timer, fix aiming on last rope
  * Remember bounce/timer in reset wep modes like Highlander