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  * `overlay_filename_1`: File name of the overlay image to use
  * You must repeat the last 3 arguments if `overlay_count` is greater than 1; each overlay needs its own offset and file name.
+=== `anchors` ===
+An anchor does not create land itself, but instead is a setting that alters the positioning of an object.
+This key needs an object file name, an anchor count and rectangles for each anchor. It must be written after the object has been defined.
+<code>Values: object_filename, anchor_count, anchor_rect1, anchor_rect2, anchor_rect3, ...</code>
+ * `object_filename`: File name of the object to which this overlay applies
+ * `overlay_count`: Number of overlays for this object
+ * `anchor_rect1`, etc.: A rectangle defining the anchor (`left, top, width, height`)
 == Land decoration keys ==
 Land decorations alter the appearance of the main terrain without adding any terrain. They are purely decorational.