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 This section gives longer description of the various gear types and how their values (i.e. tag, pos, timer, health, etc.) are interpreted. The gear values are pretty chaotic, so they are described for each gear seperately. Use the various setter and getter functions for gears to modifiy the gear values.
 In Lua, use the functions `GetGearPos`, `SetGearPos`, `GetTag`, `SetTag`, `GetTimer`, `SetTimer`, `GetHealth`, `SetHealth`, `GetFlightTime`, `SetFlightTime`, `GetGearValues` and `SetGearValues` to query or modify the gear values.
-Note: The gear value “`Boom`” will be introduced in Hedgewars 0.9.23.
+Note: The gear value “`Boom`” has been introduced in Hedgewars 0.9.23.
 === Land objects ===
 This is a list of gears which usually stay on the land for a long time and stay for several rounds and can’t normally directly placed by players.