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 With your report we can fix the shortcoming in future releases. We will try to remove the reliance on `ParseCommand` as good as possible. This will allow scripts to use the previously missing feature in a way that won’t break!
-There are many available commands, but only a few of them are useful for scripting. These are commands used in official scripts in 0.9.22:
+There are many available commands, but actual use in scripting is rare, and even then it's discouraged for long-term use. As of 0.9.24, the only command used in official scripts is:
- * `"skip"`: Current hedgehog skips its turn
  * `"draw <map>"`: Draws a hand-drawn map. `MapGen` must be `mgDrawn` for this to work. `<map>` is a string which must follow the format specified in [DrawnMapFormat]
 Moreover, the control action names as listed in [ConfigurationFiles] (under “Binds”) can be used. Note we will eventually try to remove all `ParseCommand`s in the official scripts.