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#summary API for writing Lua scripts in Hedgewars
#labels Featured

= Core Lua API documentation =

The Lua API in Hedgewars allows creating all scripted content in Hedgewars. Lua handles [Missions missions], [GameStyles styles] and more. If you want to create your own missions, this is the place to start.

For a introduction into scripting, read [LuaGuide].

== Sections ==

The Lua API documentation is divided into the following sections:

 * [LuaGuide Beginner's guide]
 * [LuaOverview Overview]
 * [LuaRules Scripting rules]
 * [LuaGlobals Global variables and constants]
 * [LuaEvents Event handlers]
 * [LuaGameplay Gameplay functions]
 * [LuaGears Gear functions]
 * [LuaStats Stats functions]
 * [LuaGUI GUI functions]
 * [LuaAudio Audio functions]
 * [LuaUtil Utility functions]
 * [LuaLibraries Lua libraries]

== Undocumented functions ==
We try to keep the wiki up-to date as fast we can, but recent additions to the Lua API might be undocumented. We have a script that checks the wiki automatically for undocumented functions: []