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States: Explain gstWinner

#summary List of states gears can be in

This is a list of states gears can be in:

= List of states =

|| *Gear state* || *Description* ||
|| `gstHHDriven` || Hedgehog is controlled by current player ||
|| `gstChooseTarget` || Used for hedgehogs; if set, player can select a target with the cursor (e.g. for homing bee, air attack, etc.) ||
|| `gstHHJumping` || Used to indicate when a hedgehog is doing the long jump ||
|| `gstHHHJump` || Used to indicate when a hedgehog is doing the high jump ||
|| `gstHHThinking` || Thought bubble animation plays for hedgehog (used for AI players) ||
|| `gstHHDeath` || Hedgehog is dying ||
|| `gstHHGone` || Set if hedgehog is going to teleport away from the battlefield because the player left the game (in network play) ||
|| `gstWinner` || This is good for indicating hedgehogs they did well, like winning the game. Represented by a stupid grin. This state is normally reset by many actions, but when the game is ending, it is preserved. ||
|| `gstLoser` || This is good for indicating hedgehogs screwed up. Represented by a scared face. ||
|| `gstMoving` || Gear is moving / in mid-air ||
|| `gstAttacked` || Set for hedgehogs after they have finished their attack (including all shots). Not used in infinite attack mode ||
|| `gstAttacking` || Used to indicate when a hedgehog is currently attacking (player holds down attack key). Also used for triggered mines ||
|| `gstCollision` || Used to indicate the gear has just collided with something. Used internally for many checks and stuff ||
|| `gstDrowning` || Gear is drowning ||
|| `gsttmpFlag` || Used for various purposes, its meaning depends on the gear type (see [GearTypes]) ||
|| `gstNoDamage` || Gear does not take damage from explosions and attacks like shoryuken and will not be pushed by them. For the invulnerability shield used by hedgehogs, use `SetEffect` ||
|| `gstAnimation` || Hedgehog plays an animation ||
|| `gstWait` || ??? ||
|| `gstNotKickable` || Hedgehog can't be knocked away by various means (i.e. rope-knocking) ||
|| `gstInvisible` || Gear is invisible ||
|| `gstSubmersible` || Gear can swim underwater ||
|| `gstFrozen` || Gear is frozen. This state is not for hedgehogs; for hedgehogs, use `SetEffect` and `GetEffect` with `effect=heFrozen` instead ||
|| `gstNoGravity` || If set, gear is not subject to gravity (does not work for all gears) ||

See for a current list.