ThemeCfg: restructure land objects
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ThemeCfg: restructure land objects
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 === `snow` ===
 If this key is present (any value), the flakes which are normally purely decorational now behave like snowflakes. When they collide with terrain, they become a part of the landscape. This significantly changes the gameplay of your theme, so use wisely. If this key is not present, the flakes are purely decorational.
-== Land keys ==
-=== `border` ===
-The colour of the outline of explosions.
-<code>Values: red, green, blue</code>
-<code>Default: $50, $50, $50</code>
+== Land object keys ==
+Land objects are images that are placed randomly on the map. Objects become part of the terrain.
 === `object` ===
 There may be multiple object keys in the file, each one representing one land object.
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  * `overlay_filename_1`: File name of the overlay image to use
  * You must repeat the last 3 arguments if `overlay_count` is greater than 1; each overlay needs its own offset and file name.
+=== Land decoration keys ===
+Land decorations alter the appearance of the main terrain without altering the terrain shape. They are purely decorational.
+=== `border` ===
+The colour of the outline of explosions.
+<code>Values: red, green, blue</code>
+<code>Default: $50, $50, $50</code>
 === `spray` ===
+A spray is an image that is simply drawn on top of the land.
 There may be several spray keys in the file, each one representing one spray object.
 The `name` is the case-sensitive name of the PNG file (without the file name suffix) of the graphics file, and `number` is the rough number of instances of this spray that may be added to the map. The number is the average number of sprays that are normally placed on a random medium-sized island. For larger and smaller landscapes, this number will be automatically scaled up or down. Please note that this number only specifies a rough goal, the actual number of created sprays may vary and you may have to play a bit with this number in order to find a good value.