GearTypes: Add hog damage
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GearTypes: Add hog damage
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  * `Radius`: Collision radius. Default: 9
  * `Boom`: Explosion size and damage caused when the hedgehog dies (default: 30)
  * `FlightTime`: Time (in milliseconds) since the hedgehog stood the last time on solid ground
- * `dX`: Contains the horizontal speed (obviously). But also tells you which way the hog is looking. If negative, hog is facing left, otherwise it's facing right
+ * `Damage`: Amount of damage the hog took in this turn. At the end of turn, the health will be reduced accordingly and the `Damage` is reset to 0
 Hedgehogs also make heavy use of the gear state, see [States]. [GearMessages Gear messages] are used for controlling a hedgehogs movement and actions (e.g. moving left, attacking, jumping, etc.)