GearTypes: crate contents
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GearTypes: crate contents
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 We recommend you to use `SpawnAmmoCrate` and the like to crate crate gears instead of `AddGear`.
+It is not possible to get the ammo type contained in an ammo or utility crate. Note that random crate contents are determined when a hedgehog collects it, not before.
 Advanced crate types: If you just care about normal crates, the values 1, 2 and 4 mentioned above are all you need to know. But Hedgewars supports a few crate variants which can be spawned with `SpawnFakeAmmoCrate` and the like. The `Pos` parameter is in reality a sum of several flags which need to be added up for the final type.
 || *Pos flag* || *Meaning* ||
 || `0x1` || Ammo crate ||