LuaGameplay: Add SetAmmoSlot
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LuaGameplay: Add SetAmmoSlot
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 === <tt>!GetAmmoName(ammoType [, ignoreOverwrite ])</tt> (0.9.23) ===
 Returns the localized name for the specified `ammoType`, taking an ammo name overwritten by `SetAmmoTexts` into account. If `ignoreOverwrite` is `true`, this function will always return the original ammo name of the weapon and ignores names which may have been overwritten by `SetAmmoTexts`.
+=== <tt>!SetAmmoSlot(ammoType, slot)</tt> (1.0.0) ===
+Sets the slot number of `ammoType` to the given `slot` (counting starts from 1).
+Use with care! It is your responsibility that each ammo slot does not hold more weapons than the maximum ammo menu width, otherwise, crashes are possible. Test with a full ammo menu to be sure.
+Use this function only if you absolutely must! For usability reasons and to help the player's muscle memory, we should normally not re-arrange the weapons. This function was actually only created for the “Frenzy” game style in which we needed to re-arrange the ammo slots to give each weapon an unique ammo slot.
 == Map ==
 === <tt>!MapHasBorder()</tt> ===
 Returns `true`/`false` if the map has a border or not.