LuaAPI: Add warning for onUsedAmmo
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LuaAPI: Add warning for onUsedAmmo
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 For example, it is called right after a bazooka is fired, when both shots of a shotgun have been fired, when extra time is used, or when all 4 shots of a portable portal device have been fired. It is also called when using a multi-shot ammo has been aborted by changing the weapon selection mid-way, because this still uses up the ammo.
+*Warning:* In 0.9.24 or earlier, you must not manipulate any ammo within this callback, e.g. by using `AddAmmo`. The ammo storage might become garbled otherwise.
 === <tt>onHogHide(gearUid)</tt> ===
 This function is called when a hedgehog with the gear ID `gearUid` is hidden (removed from the map).