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 == Templates ==
 For your convenience, we have created some templates to ease the creation of hats. You can use them as background layer to help you align your hats.
+=== Static normal hats ===
+Just use the template for animated hats and crop it to the first frame (top left 32×32 pixels).
 === Animated normal hats ===
 A basic PNG template is [https://www.hedgewars.org/images/Hat_Template.png Hat_Template.png]. You can use this image as a background layer. This image shows a colored checkerboard pattern, each field represents an animation frame. The green and red fields are those where the idle hedgehog has an offset of +1px or −1 px (see above). The black fields are the unused frames. In the front, the idle hedgehog can be seen but shifted 5 pixels lower and the 5 lowest pixels cut off.
 You can use this image to exactly align the hat properly.
 This image is also available as XCF for GIMP users: [https://www.hedgewars.org/images/Hat_Template.xcf Hat_Template.xcf]. It got an additional layer and you can easily toggle a couple of layers on and off.
-=== Animated neam hats ===
+=== Animated team hats ===
 You can use [https://www.hedgewars.org/images/Team_Hat_Template.png Team_Hat_Template.png]. This is similar to the previous PNG. The hedgehogs on the right half are in gray to remind you that you only should use grayscale colors on this side.
 The XCF source of this file is here: [https://www.hedgewars.org/images/Team_Hat_Template.xcf Team_Hat_Template.xcf].