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Updated SaveCampaignVar / GetCampaignVar links
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 ==== <tt>!SaveCampaignVar(varname, value)</tt> ====
 Stores the value `value` (a string) into the campaign variable `varname` (also a string). Campaign variables allow you to save progress of a team in a certain campaign. Campaign variables are saved on a per-team per-campaign basis. They are written into the team file (see [ConfigurationFiles#TeamName.hwt]).
+There are some special campaign variables which are used by Hedgewars to determine which missions to display in the campaign menu. This is described [ConfigurationFiles#%5BCampaign%20%3CCAMPAIGN_NAME%3E%5D here].
 ==== <tt>!GetCampaignVar(varname)</tt> ====
-Returns the value of the campaign variable `varname` as a string.
+Returns the value of the campaign variable `varname` as a string. See also `SaveCampaignVar`.
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