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 #summary Lua library documentation: Tracker
 #labels !LuaLibrary
 = Lua library: `Tracker` =
+<wiki:toc max_depth="3" />
+== Introduction ==
 This Lua library is intended to be used if you need to keep track of gears. It can also keep track of teams and clans and as an extra functionality it can also store variables for a gear, team or clan.
 To set it up you need to add some hooks in different events. The hooks `trackGear` and `trackDeletion` to `onGearAdd` and `onGearDelete` respectively. It is strongly recommended to only track the gears you are interested in as, especially with snow on, the amount of gears can go up high and that will slow down the script. To keep track of teams you need to keep track of `gtHedgehog` and `gtResurrector` (if resurrection might be used) and add `trackTeams` to `onGameStart`.
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 This will kill all hogs if a target is destroyed.
-To see a commented example of the tracker in use by a script you can look at
+To see a commented example of `Tracker` in use by a script you can look at
 [ Random Weapons].
-<wiki:toc max_depth="3" />
 == Tracking functions ==
 === `trackGear(gear)` ===
 Will keep track of the gear.