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+## Scripting Rules
+For scripts, there are some basic but important development rules that all scripts need to follow to ensure the scripts are compatible across multiple systems.
+For behavior in your script that affects actual gameplay, there are restrictions of what you can do with numbers. These are the rules:
+* Only integer numbers are allowed; floating-point numbers are forbidden
+* If you divide, divide by powers of 2 if you can
+* If you want to divide by a different integer value, use the `div` function for integer division
+* Keep your numbers within (+/-) 2<sup>53</sup>
+* Avoid `math.floor` and `math.ceil`
+These restrictions on numbers don't apply to numbers that you don't use for gameplay but for stuff like harmless eye candy.
+Failing to follow these rules might lead your script to behave differently on different systems, leading to desynchronization bugs, which means they will not work online.