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GearTypes: Rewrite TODO note
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 Please note this page is still a work in progess. The categories presented here are purely for a better overview here; they do not neccessarily reflect anything in the actual game’s source code.
-A “TODO” means that this particular section is not yet finished and may be not accurate.
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 == List of gear types ==
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  * `Timer`: Has several meanings, depending on `Pos`. Here's the most imporant one, for `Pos` of `4`: A timer (in milliseconds) containing the remaining time until the !TimeBox returns. The !TimeBox returns when `Timer` reaches 0. Hedgewars decreases the timer only while the same team is playing
  * `Tint`: RGBA color (default: clan color)
-TODO: Add more information for the other phases.
+Note: This section is incomplete, not all phases are documented yet.
 ==== `gtTeleport` ====