ControlsRework: Possible todo list
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ControlsRework: Possible todo list
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 Summary: The problem with our current approach is point 1. The frontend displays the wrong key. The fact that the game inconsistently uses keycodes AND scancodes is also a little insane. Any solution definitely must fix point 1, otherwise it gains us nothing
 === B) Use scancodes in frontend, engine und config. Create a small helper program that queries scancode in frontend to replace the drop-down menu ===
+How it's supposed to work:
+ # Write SDL window for getting the key. It must give scancode as return/exit code
+ # Frontend: Replace drop-down with widget that opens the SDL window and detect the exit code
+ # Save scancode in config file
+ # Frontend: Figure out how to turn the scancode into human-readable text
  # Yes.
  # No obvious solution in sight. Maybe there is one?
    * Possible, hacky solution: Convert scancode to keycode using a hardcoded lookup table or something like that