Remove some entries from the TODO list which have been finished long ago
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Remove some entries from the TODO list which have been finished long ago
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 == GUI improvements ==
   * Enable private messages in our lobby.
   * Allow kicking with reason.
-  * Modify the drawn maps feature so that users can see a preview of what the admin is drawing.
   * Make the preferences that are modifiable from engine (eg. volume) update the ones specified in the frontend, using a new network message.
   * Rework the draw-map functions, adding different brush sizes, brush types and something new.
   * Enable some commands while in frontend: for example `/leave` ( = `/part`  - for leaving room), `/quit` (disconnects from server), `/exit` (closes hedgewars), `/addFriend`, `/removeFriend`, `/ignore`, `/unignore`.
   * Add checkboxes for selecting the best rendering mode in addition to the Quality slider.
   * Lazy load previews, speed up frontend launch and compute previews only when necessary.
   * Rip out Fort mode, it's a game of its own and shouldn't be tied to the team preferences.
-  * When someone highlights you in the lobby, make a little sound 'ping' you.
 == Graphics ==
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 == Engine ==
-  * Implement construction mode. This page contains a general description of what we mean but you are allowed to improve or modify our concept.
   * Allow participants in a game to view weapon sets and schemes before starting the game. This task could be carried out by showing an overlay window when mouse is over the scheme or weapon entries.
   * Change the loading screen to show participating teams/players (and maybe even all the hogs if space is available
   * Add the ability for themes to have stars high above the ground (comparable to clouds).
   * Implement a better, faster land generation: for more details, visit
-  * Sometimes you exit the game for a mistake and that's sad! Add a quick resume button to the game configuration for both local and network games.
   * Allow for flipped maps. Play with gravity woooo