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LuaOverview: LuaRules
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 Another thing to note is the current status of our scripting implementation. Similar to the whole game, this is still work in progress and we can’t guarantee that scripts working in this version will run in future revisions of the game as we might extend, change or rename parts of the scripting engine.
+== Scripting rules ==
+To make sure your script is functional on multiple systems and for online play, some simple but important development rules need to be followed. See [LuaRules].
 == Global variables/constants ==
 Global variables are used by the game to interact with the scripts by passing and retrieving their values. While some of the variables are never read by the engine some allow you to modify the engine’s behaviour, e.g. the theme to be used for the current map.
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 X and Y can be negative when you go above or left of the map boundaries.
-Some global variables contain important coordinates, see [LuaGlobals].
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+Some global variables contain important coordinates, see [LuaGlobals].