LuaGameplay: Explain _qau
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LuaGameplay: Explain _qau
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  * `color`: Team color, usually a number from -9 to -1 (see below)
  * `grave`: The name of the team’s grave (equals file name without the suffix)
  * `fort`: The name of the team’s fort (equals file name without the suffix and without the letter “L” or “R” before that suffix)
- * `voicepack`: The name of the team’s voice pack (equals the directory name)
+ * `voicepack`: The name of the team’s voice pack (equals the directory name). Since version 1.0.0, you can append “_qau” so Hedgewars will automatically pick the appropriate language version of the voicepack (e.g. instead of “Default”, use “Default_qau”). This is preferred.
  * `flag`: Optional argument for the name of the team’s flag (equals the file name case-sensitively without the suffix). If set to `nil` or the flag can not be found on the local computer, the flag “hedgewars” is used.
 Since version 1.0.0, the team name might be force-changed in case of a naming collision. Since version 1.0.0, this function returns two values: `<real team name>, <team index>`. For functions that need the team name as input (lke `DismissTeam`), you must use this returned `<real team name>`.
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 An older (and now discouraged) method of specifying the color is by hardcoding it as an RGB color (i.e. `0xDD0000`). This practice is now strongly discouraged because it will ignore the player-chosen color (which is *bad* for players with color blindness) and in 99% of cases you don't need it anyway. It should be only used for testing and debugging. 
+==== Voicepack language ====
+[Voicepacks] can be localized. A localized voicepack has the language code in its name after an underscore, e.g. “Default_pl” is the Polish version of “Default”. If you specify the exact name in `voicepack`, Hedgewars uses this exact language version. But if you replace the language suffix with `_qau`, Hedgewars will try to pick the appropriate localized version of that voicepack, depending on the user's language, if a localized version exists. If not, Hedgewars will pick the version of the voicepack without a language suffix (which is English, normally).
+For example, if `voicepack` is set to “Default_qau”, Hedgewars will pick “Default_pl” if the user language is Polish. If the user language is set to a language for which there is no localize version of the Default voicepack, Hedgewars will pick the “Default” voicepack (which is in English).
+We strongly recommend to always use the “_qau” suffix from version 1.0.0 on, unless you really want to force a particular language.
 ==== Example ====
-<code language="lua">AddTeam("team 1", -1, "Simple", "Tank", "Default", "hedgewars")
+<code language="lua">AddTeam("team 1", -1, "Simple", "Tank", "Default_qau", "hedgewars")
 --[[ Adds a new team with name “team 1”, the first default color (usually red), the grave “Simple”,
-the fort “Tank” the voicepack “Default” and the flag “hedgewars”. ]]</code>
+the fort “Tank” the voicepack “Default” (in the appropriate language version) and the flag “hedgewars”. ]]</code>
 === <tt>!AddMissionTeam(color)</tt> (1.0.0) ===
 Adds a new team using the player-chosen team identity when playing a singleplayer mission. Does not work in multiplayer.