GearTypes: gtHammer radius
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GearTypes: gtHammer radius
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  * `Boom`: Explosion size and damage. Default: 50
 ==== `gtHammer` ====
-A hammer attack. This gear is for taking away the health. See also `gtHammerHit` for the digging part.
+A hammer attack. This gear is for determining which hedgehogs and objects to hit and to reduce health of anything hit. Hedgehogs, mines and barrels can be hit. See also `gtHammerHit` for the digging part.
  * `Boom`: Damage denominator. The damage caused will be `(1/Boom)*health_of_victim`, e.g. if this value is `4` and the victim has 100 health, the hammer takes away 25 health (one quarter). Default: 3 normally (so one third of the health); 2 if Extra Damage is enabled (so one half of the health)
+ * `Radius`: Stuff inside this radius will be hit and be subject to hammer damage and digging. Default: 20
 ==== `gtHellishBomb` ====
 A hellish hand-grenade.