LuaAPI: Better description of SendStat
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LuaAPI: Better description of SendStat
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 == Stats functions ==
 === <tt>!SendStat(TStatInfoType, statMessage[, teamName])</tt> (0.9.20) ===
-This function exposes the uIO SendStat to the Lua scripts. Use it to produce custom stat pages.
+This function allows to change the details of the stats screen seen after the end of a game.
 `TStatInfoType` is the piece of information you want to manipulate. The result of this functions varies greatly for different `TStatInfoType`s. The parameter `statMessage` is mandatory and is a string used for the statistics, its meaning depends on the `TStatInfoType`. The parameter `teamName` contains the name of a team which is relevant to the chosen stat. This parameter is not always required, this also depends on `TStatInfoType`.